Sutton Hoo Viking Helmet

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Aug 182014

Horse Lord Helmet – 18 Gauge Steel

The Horse Lord Helmet is constructed from 18 gauge steel and is edged and adorned in brass trim and etched design. The blackened interior has an adjustable leather suspension liner which can modify the fit of the helmet to the head. An adjustable chin strap with a brass buckle and a plume of horsehair complete the helmet.


Key Features:
Crafted from 18 gauge steel
Brass Trim
Etched Designs
Great for LARP or Stage
Rolled edges safe for LARP
Quality leather chin strap

Front to Back: 9 inches
Side to Side: 8 inches
Interior Circumference: 26 inches

Spectacle Viking Helmet

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Aug 182014

The Spectacle Viking Helmet has many attractive features like rounded riveted shell, eye opening for clear vision and ear guards. This helmet gives a terrific appearance to the wearer. Besides this, the helmet can be easily worn and is made from 18g highly polished mild steel. 

Minimum Order Quantiry : 100 Pieces

Masked Viking Helmet

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Aug 182014

The Masked Viking Helmet is made from high quality 18g mild steel. The helmet’s mask is highly polished and gives it a classical look. This helmet is quite suitable for war related scenes or reenactments in movies, plays, etc. 

Minimum Order Quantiry : 100 Pieces

Horned Viking Helmet

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Aug 182014

Horned Viking Helmet is a fine replica of the warrior helmet worn by a Viking warrior. The helmet has two horns attached to it and it has its own unique look. These helmets are widely used in classical movies and serials.

Minimum Order Quantiry : 100 Pieces

Gjermundbu Viking Helmet

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Aug 182014

Gjermundbu Viking Helmet is a highly detailed and beautifully ornate helmet. This helmet is a stunning replica of the classic Viking Helmet. To ensure protection till the neck, the helmet is provided with a chainmail. For excellent nasal and facial protection, the helmet comes with ‘spectacles’. 

Minimum Order Quantiry : 100 Pieces

Deluxe Viking Helmet

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Aug 182014

Deluxe Viking Helmet that we offer is made in 18g mild steel. This helmet is made with real brass and is highly polished. These helmets are widely used in movies.

Minimum Order Quantiry : 100 Piecesserials and dramas.

Roman Red Helmet

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Aug 182014

The Roman Red Helmet is made in 18 gauge polished steel and comes with a red plume from back to front. This attractive military Roman helmet is 18 inches high and can be worn with ease. 

Minimum Order Quantiry : 100 Pieces

Roman Black Helmet

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Aug 182014

This amazing hand piece is made in 18 gauge polished steel. Roman Black Helmet is available with black and white plume from back to front. This famous military Roman Helmet is 18 inches high and can be worn easily. 

Minimum Order Quantiry : 100 Pieces

Roman Trooper Helmet

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Aug 182014

Roman Trooper Helmet was used a Roman Imperial Guard Helmet. This famous helmet is a wonderful replica from original times and is made of 18 gauge polished steel. This helmet can be used as an ideal decorative piece at home or office. Besides this, the helmet is extensively used for battle reenactment scenes in movies of plays. 

Minimum Order Quantiry : 100 Pieces

Roman Thracian Helmet

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Aug 182014

Roman Thracian Helmet is a remarkable Roman Replica. This unique helmet is made in 18g mild steel and comes with a brass decoration. Our company provides these helmets at quite reasonable rates. 

Minimum Order Quantiry : 100 Pieces

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